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John and his partner Adam Artemis started 99Media in 2018 with a passion for helping businesses succeed in the digital age.

99Media helps clients adapt smoothly into the digital age, and attract current and future customers through the power of online advertising.
99MEDIA is a results-driven, action-oriented digital marketing agency based out of Nashville, Tennesee. We are the youngest and fastest-growing agency out of Nashville and will stop at nothing to get our clients the results they need. At 99MEDIA, we help clients adapt smoothly into the digital age, and attract current and future customers through the power of online advertising.

John Danes

John Danes is an American Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Speaker. As a senior in high school, he started doing freelance social media work. At the same time, he was also hosting a Top 100 Business Podcast, called The No Excuses Show. Today, Danes is the Chief Executive Officer of 99MEDIA today and strives to help business owners truly succeed in the Digital World.

We're not your mom and pop agency

We are no stranger to the fact that everyone and their mother is trying to start a digital marketing agency, and that is fine. With our experience and understanding of the digital world, we feel it is our ethical duty to help clients adapt to this new world that we live in. We’ve garnered thousands of hours and years of expertise, to help clients find success online. We aim to be the last digital marketing agency you need to talk to, in this noisy marketplace.

Adam Artemis

Adam Artemis is an America Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Consultant. He started working with 99MEDIA after seeing success scaling eCommerce stores. He came on as Co-Founder and spearheaded all of the paid traffic operations and back end data. He currently serves as the President and is focused on one thing, client results.

Our Inception

John Danes has always been an entrepreneurial soul, almost from the beginning of his life. After having an internship opportunity with a prominent software company out of Kansas City, Kansas, he dialed in on the fact that he would stop at nothing to be an entrepreneur, no matter what it took. While pursuing his internship, the Co-Founder asked Danes if he could help them dial in their social presence, being the youngest person at the company, he understood that sort of thing. Danes agreed, and quickly found his passion for marketing online. 

Danes returned home for his senior year in high school and was eager to get his agency going. He started his company, at the same time he was running his top 100 business podcast, called The No Excuses Show. By the time he graduated high school, Danes was running a full-service digital marketing agency and had a massive podcast. After graduating high school in Minnesota, Danes returned to his hometown of Nashville, Tennesee. 

That’s where he met his soon to be Co-Founder, Adam Artemis. Artemis was a polished veteran in the world of eCommerce and Facebook marketing, and the two made a dynamic duo. Danes and Artemis decided to go into business together and limit their offering to only revenue-generating services, like paid traffic and sales funnels.

Danes and Artemis quickly blossomed together and grew internationally in less than 6 months. Today, the two are focused on client results, and growing their business to the next level. They truly believe it’s their ethical duty and moral obligation to keep running 99MEDIA.

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